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What, Why, How about menstrual cups

We get it. Making the switch from a conventional pad or tampon to a menstrual cup can feel intimidating.
Don’t worry. We’re here to walk you through this transition and provide continued support. 
If you have any questions regarding menstrual cup in specific and periods, in general, please ask us here.

Why should you use a menstrual cup
Why Choose a elacup®?
Meet elacup®, a healthier alternative to conventional pads and tampons that uses no plastic, no toxic chemicals, and has no
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menstrual cup leaking
Why is your menstrual cup leaking?
Don’t give up! You can successfully use your menstrual cup and get it to stop leaking for worry-free periods with
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how to use a menstrual cup
How To Use a Menstrual Cup – a guide for beginners
Whether you’ve bought a menstrual cup or are considering one, the first question you likely have is how to use
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how to fold a menstrual cup
How to fold a menstrual cup?
In order to comfortably and effectively insert the cup, you’ll need to fold it. There are different folds you can
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menstrual cup size guide
Menstrual cup size guide
Which size of menstrual cup will be fit for you?
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