Sustainable menstruation

i am ela, the earth

you exist because i do

i am as fertile as you are.

i give birth, develop, and nurture like you do.

i have let you evolve into a species which can give birth.

the very process of menstruation signifies so.

almost half of the human species flourishing on this planet menstruatesand this is a large number which is growing .

and when so many of you throw away sanitary pads and tampon into the garbage, it all comes to me to be taken care of.

this is an enormous task for me.

this waste stays with me for centuriesas i do not have the power to deal withanything which is chemical and not natural.

i am sad.sad for you

who are using these plastic products and harming your own body as a result.but you are also harming me.

and i have the power to harm in are are have the power to opt for sustainable means to take care of your periods and by doing so make yourselves and me more beautiful and healthy.when i am healthy, you will be.

i exist neither for nor because of you.i have the power to stay and

i choose to stay.

what do you chose ?


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