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In order to comfortably and effectively insert the cup, you’ll need to fold it.
There are different folds you can use depending on which one works best for your unique anatomy. Folding allows the cup to open properly once inside the body and creates the seal that holds it in place and prevents leaking for effective period protection.
Some of the most popular folds you can choose from are:

The C Fold. Fold your cup in half to make the shape of the letter “C”.
The 7 Fold. Push the cup closed and fold one side down to the opposite corner to create a rough shape of the number 7.
The Punch-Down Fold. Push the lip of the cup down into the cup then squeeze the top of the cup together.

There are other folds you can use; however, these are the easiest to start with. Once you’ve folded your cup, you’re ready to insert!

E Fold
Take your menstrual cup and pinch down the right side so that the lips of the cup touch together. Then press the left side towards the right, to form a T shape. Bring the sides of the T shape down around the pinched right side, so as to create an E shape.
S Fold
Holding your menstrual cup, push the lips of the cup together. Slowly push one side up and the other side down while pressing together so as to form an S shape.
Double 7 Fold
Take your menstrual cup and fold it in half so that the lips touch. Bring down the right corner about halfway. Now turn the cup around and bring the left corner down to around the same position. Your cup should now be a nice tulip shape.
Diamond Fold/Half Diamond Fold
Fold your period cup in half lengthwise, so that the lips touch. Pull the front lip of the cup down towards the base, which creates an oval shape in the top of the cup. Press down on the left side and hold, and then press down on the right side and hold. You should now have a diamond shape. This is the Diamond fold. If you are having trouble inserting the diamond fold, you can fold the cup in half lengthways (bringing the points together), to form a half diamond fold.
Labia Fold
Pinch down on the top left side of the menstrual cup, so that the lips touch together. Holding the lips together, rotate the cup so that it is sideways. Create a slight indentation in the base of the cup, so that the folded section can fold down into this indentation. Now push the edges together and you should have the smaller fold inside of the larger fold.
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