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Black dot exercises a full stop to the usage of chemical-laden products.

Innovation, signifies the way forward, consisting of path-breaking global research collaboration & ideas to make the best feminine hygiene products available to the consumer.

What made us sit up and take action–

The hard truth.

Daily consumer brands take you for a ride. if there is one observation that sticks out like a sore thumb, then it is how companies leave out uncomfortable truths that directly correlate to increased health challenges (or) side effects that consumers face today. 

Not surprisingly, it’s the human hygiene category that has been dealt with the raw end of the stick. while they may not be conversation starters or natural icebreakers, we increasingly want to know what’s inside every product we are willing to give a chance to.



Healthy women with zero period waste through education and awareness at an early age, gender equality and responsible & sustainable consumption.

Our vision is unequivocally modelled around the united nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) for the year 2030

Quality education emphasizes the importance of good health and wellbeing, promotes gender equality in the modern workforce and creates awareness leading to our most important aim – responsible consumption and production



To give access to eco-friendly & chemical-free period products. the proposition aims at disrupting the market to fill a void that currently exists in eco-friendly and healthy alternatives for feminine hygiene.

The products resonate at various touchpoints. some people just want the convenience. others want the toxic-free, environmental aspect of it while some are really keen on organic sourcing. it also calls for active dialogue and participation from men, when especially concerned with feminine hygiene, an endeavour that is intricate to our transparency.

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